We are excited to announce several bits of news from the EFFORT project:

First of all, we have successfully completed the school experiments in Berlin and in Madrid. After an intense period of school visits we have reached the target sample of participants on both sites. Our work with the kids was a truly instructive and inspiring experience – we will miss them!

The team will also miss Allan and Simon who have completed their RA stints with the EFFORT group at WZB, Víctor who will begin his Margarita Salas postdoctoral fellowship at Tilburg University and María who has begun a PhD project at UC3M under Jonas’ supervision (who is back from parental leave). Thanks a lot to all of them for their invaluable contributions to the project!

Furthermore, Patricia has moved from Berlin to Madrid to resume the pupillometry experiments at UNED with the help of Laura and Sonia, who rejoins the project after a timeout. This is the last step of the data collection phase, which we hope to finish in the next months. In the meantime we are going to start examining the data from the school-class real-effort experiments. Stay tuned for the results!

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