Jonas Radl and William Foley both participated at the Annual Conference of Experimental Sociology, that took place in Madrid last week (link to conference website). Manuel Valdés, EFFORT project associate, also presented work based on EFFORT data.

Jonas took part in the round table on experimental sociology, where he discussed the current state and future prospects for experimental scoiology alongside Klarita Gërxhani (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) and Bernhard Kittel (University of Vienna).

William presented a working paper, co-authored with Jonas, on parenting practices and children’s cognitive effort (link to paper here). He also gave a presentation on a separate paper, which involved a novel method for identifying discrimination on social class.

Manuel presented his and Jonas’ work on the relative age effect on effort (link to working paper here).

This was the fifth edition of the Annual Conference of Experimental Sociology. It was held between the 29th of August and the 1st of September, in the Residencia de Estudiantes in Madrid.

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