As we are wrapping up the academic year, we reflect back on everything that we have accomplished. During this year we managed to finish school experiments in Madrid and Berlin despite the difficulties due to the pandemic. It was an intense but rewarding experience to work with children in schools. Furthermore, we also achieved our goal of participants in pupillometry experiments. With these milestones, we have completed the data collection phase of the project.

There are a lot of things to look forward to in September. We will begin the last phase of the project, the analysis of the data. Inevitably, there will also be some changes in the team.  Lea has moved on from the project but will remain associated to us and keep contributing to ongoing papers. Louis is beginning his PhD at Berlin School of Economics – we thank both of them for their essential contributions and wish them the very best for the future!

While departures of established team members are always sad, the arrival of new members will be key in producing new research papers based on the EFFORT data, and getting them published. Make sure to stay tuned!

Enjoy the summer!

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